Hairless Dog Found At Gas Station Turns Into Gorgeous ‘Fluffy Dog’

Bali has many dogs on the streets. Many shelters and clinics in the city then try to help them and save as many as possible, but the reality is that they are totally overwhelmed. It is important to educate people not to ignore injured animals on the streets and to help them in one way or another.

That’s exactly what a brave man named Aaron decided to do when he saw an injured, sad and lonely hairless dog by the side of the road. Thanks to this man’s kind heart, Homer, as the dog is called, can now live a happy life in his new home.

Thanks to the kindness of Aaron, the gentle dog learned to trust people and to love new ; he even beat a terrible disease and is now a happy dog.

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A hairless dog is now the cutest dog!

Aaron wrote on his social media:

“Nobody stopped for him. I’m really sorry to bring up this story. I don’t like having to post it as it breaks my heart, but that’s the reality here in Bali… If you’re disgusted, don’t read any further, but I promise you this will end as best I can . »

The man says that as he was driving down the street, he saw the dog, just sitting there. Immediately Aaron decided to park, worried he’d get hit by a car if he didn’t help.

He recalls enlisting the help of a few locals at a tire shop and managed to scare the dog off to the side of the road.

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Aaron says:

“He was hungry, he was dehydrated and obviously in a lot of pain. At first I thought he just had a skin problem, but as I got closer I saw all these tumors, all of which looked like they had burst. The poor dog must have suffered a lot. It breaks my heart to know that he was allowed to become like this and that thousands of humans have probably seen it before me. »

Aaron says he tried to persuade the dog to come to him with food, but at first the dog was very scared. Homer didn’t show an aggressive attitude at all. Ultimatelybecause of exhaustion and hunger, he approached the man to ask him for food.

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He added :

“But I couldn’t get my hands on him. He was so afraid of humans. Afraid that if he came near me, I would probably hurt him. Of course, I just wanted to help her, so I was stuck at a crossroads on what to do. I couldn’t leave it there. I approached @bawabali_official to ask if they could help capture it and they kindly agreed to help. »

Luckily the rescue center staff managed to catch him, Aaron was very grateful to BAWA. The dog received immediate veterinary treatment and Aaron covered all medical expenses.

He remained in the care of Sunset Vet, which was the best place for Homer. The vets discovered he had cancer and needed chemotherapy urgently. Aaron was really worried about his life.

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Aaron didn’t want to invade the dog’s personal space, so he spent a few hours a day sitting next to his crate. The man made an effort to show Homer that people can be nice. After a few days, Homer let Aaron come and sit next to him in the cage.

After three months, the cancer that was afflicting him disappeared and his hair started to grow back.

A friend of Aaron’s came forward when he heard about the dog’s case and offered Homer a forever home. The dog is now happy, loved and really enjoying his new life.

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