Happy to visit his grandmother, this adorable dog brings her his favorite toy! (Video)

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Upon learning that he was going to Grandma’s, Baxter the dog decided to go with his favorite toy. Most likely to show it to her or maybe even give it to her.

Like a child who takes his favorite toy with him when he goes somewhere with his parents, this adorable dog by the name of Baxter took his new favorite toy when his owners announced that they were going to Granny.

This is what we can realize by discovering the video posted on the account TikTok of which this Pitbull is the star, BaxterLoganPearce. This short sequence, lasting only 14 seconds and relayed by Newsweekquickly went viral, happily exceeding 150,000 views and generating tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from tender Internet users.

Illustration of the article: Happy to visit his grandmother, this adorable dog brings her his favorite toy!  (Video)
BaxterLoganPearce / TikTok

In the video in question, the quadruped can be seen walking quietly down the street, holding an object firmly in its mouth. It is, according to the caption accompanying the images, his brand new favorite toy, which he takes away for a very special occasion.

The author of the video explains, in fact, having ” asked if he wanted with [lui / elle] at Grandma’s house. He picked up his new favorite toy and took it to her “. Then BaxterLoganPearce concludes with this: We don’t deserve them “.

All under the rhythm of Island in the Sun », a well-known piece that we owe to the American rock band Weezer.


Baxter is too sweet??

? Island In The Sun – Weezer

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“The joy they bring to our lives is second to none”

Netizens’ comments on TikTok are almost as touching as the scene itself. ” Such a nice boy! “, thus reacted michellemarino216. ” It’s the cutest thing ever! The joy they bring to our lives is second to none “, commented, for his part, Jax.

He is so proud of his new toy. They are so special. I love my dogs a little more every day. My horses are great, but my dogs… “, wrote user2246886164047.

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