Has Covid-19 become a “normal” disease?

Will we soon be talking about Covid-19 as we talk about the flu, gastroenteritis or angina? For several days, new contaminations have started to rise again, while the vaccination pass has been suspended and most barrier measures set aside. Spain has even gone further by removing the quarantine requirement for mild cases. Has Covid-19 become an ordinary disease? Professor Antoine Flahault, director of the Institute of Global Health in Geneva (Switzerland), enlightens us.

New cases are increasing, restrictions are decreasing… Should we see this as a sign of a return to normal life?

Everyone would like it. But the Omicron variant is not less virulent: in Hong Kong, where the fragile population is poorly vaccinated, it creates a disaster. In Europe, hospitals are not saturated, as the continent is currently reaping the benefits of vaccination. This gives the impression of the end of the pandemic. If welcome, this respite may be short-lived, since no one knows the next variant.


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