has the peak of the eighth wave already been reached?

New contaminations therefore no longer progress from one week to the next, as has been the case for several weeks, as the current wave has been favored by the background of the start of the school year at the end of the summer.

Public Health France

According to the most updated figures, on Wednesday, a good 63,000 contaminations have been registered against almost 68,000 a week earlier. However, this stabilization is still too early to translate into hospitalizations and deaths, which are still increasing. In the week of October 10 to 16, 390 people died from Covid in hospitals or other healthcare institutions, compared to 318 the previous week.

Careful vaccination campaign

In addition, the pause in pollution is not general, and the incidence rate continues to be “increasing among the elderly,” those most at risk of a severe form. People over 60, as well as other risk categories, have been encouraged to receive a booster dose since October, as a new generation of vaccines adapted to current variants of Covid arrives in pharmacies.

But this vaccination campaign is currently meeting with limited success, while the prospect of a seasonal influenza epidemic also looms in the coming months. The health authorities strongly encourage people in the risk zone to receive both vaccines if possible at the same time.

Another epidemic does not seem to stabilize: the bronchiolitis epidemic, which has spread to almost the entire French mainland, the health authorities said this Wednesday, October 19.

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