Hautes-Pyrénées: these dogs deserve to come out of silence!

The association Les Chiens du Silence, based in Escondeaux, has since 2010 trained and provided service dogs free of charge.

Robin, the Australian Shepherd is the 100th dog given to a person with a disability. The coincidence of this gift is the first dog that receives Patricia Maillard, Haut-Pyrénéenne, who lives in the Adour Valley.

Dedicated to deaf or hard of hearing people to help them in their daily lives, these dogs trained for 22 months in the only structure in France, know how to recognize and signal many sounds and respond to commands both verbally and in sign language. “Purchase and training of an assistance dog amounts to 20,000 euros. An amount raised by the generosity of partners including Rotary de Bigorre, Association Chiens Handicap de Robecq, Leclerc Perpignan-Polygone, Canidea (Confederation of Assistance Guide Dogs), audio 2000, CEGEAO (Association of Guide Dogs of West), Community of municipalities Adour Madiran, the commune of Escondeaux, the Hotel de la Marne in Tarbes, the Lion’s club, etc… For 12 years it has been a long and beautiful story until this magnificent day. We have overcome all these obstacles in all these years made more lows than highs. Through their testimonies, the recipients told us of their independence and regained confidence, of no longer being afraid of noise. They gave us the strength to raise our arms and move on,” explained Frédéric Bire.

Claims confirmed by Patricia Maillard, the 100th recipient: “There are no words strong enough in the French language to say thank you to the whole team. Robin’s arrival has relieved the whole family and gives me an incredible amount of help on a daily basis. I am proud of to be the recipient”. Paul Charles, President of CESECAH, (Centre for the Study, Selection and Breeding of Guide Dogs for the Blind and Other Handicapped) said: “There are times when expressions that we use in our everyday language at any cost to express silence appropriate for dogs of silence? No, this is not where we find silence, although these quotes and sayings are great men can serve as guidelines in our daily lives. Since 2010, Katy and Frédéric Bire, pioneers in our country, through their tenacity, persistence, courage and stubbornness, have broken the silence. Their association is a national reference, a model for humanity. Silence disappears in favor of rediscovered accessibility”.

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