Have fun easily creating GIF animations with your images on Google Photos


The Google Photos application for smartphones and tablets offers a feature that some people don’t know about. This is the option to create GIF animations. Using a series of photos, we can thus create a dynamic and playful animation that we can share with our friends.

The Google Photos mobile application is particularly practical for storing our photos in the Google cloud and thus being able to access them on all our devices.

However, the application is not limited only to storing our photos and videos. We can create albums or simply edit our photos.

In this vein, there is a feature that allows us to take a series of photos and turn them into a small GIF-like animation.

We invite you to watch the video that accompanies this text to see what it is all about.

What then leave free our imagination as for the possibilities which this functionality offers to us.

How to Create a GIF Animation in Google Photos

To create an animation in Google Photos, you need:

  1. Open the app: Google Photos
  2. Select pictures that we want to animate
  3. Press the +
  4. Choose option: Animation

Steps to create GIF images from Google Photos

Here’s how to create a GIF animation in the Google Photos mobile app.

After processing the request, you will see the animation in question appear in your account.

You can then share it with your friends and entourage on the platforms of your choice!

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