He catches a 135 kg crocodile pike, an aquatic monster from another time

A Texas fisherman recently distinguished himself by catching a monster of impressive size.

Payton Moore is an American fishing enthusiast!

His thing is the “no limit” which consists of catching big catches before releasing them into the water. This 32-year-old Texan fisherman is constantly looking for a new challenge with in the back of his mind the goal of one day catching the biggest freshwater fish ever hooked.

And he almost succeeded!

He catches a monstrous 135 kg crocodile pike

Payton has indeed managed to fish a monstrous crocodile pike (or alligator garpique) of 2.43 meters, weighing more than 135 kg.

A monumental decision that the interested party himself immortalized on video before sharing it with his subscribers on his You Tube channel.

Photo credit: You Tube screenshot / WILD LIFE

Photo credit: You Tube screenshot /WILD LIFE

Unofficially, the weight and size of this monster made it the biggest fish ever caught in the state of Texas, but to confirm this record, Payton should have kept it in his hands longer and had it weighed on a certified scale, in front of witnesses. .

This process is not without risk for the fish because it can stress it and even kill it, which is contrary to the “no kill” fisherman’s ethic, claimed by Payton, who worked for 11 years at the Zoo of Houston.

It was therefore only natural that he put the fish back in the water. His gesture was also hailed, in particular by a renowned local ecologist, Dr. Solomon David, as explained by the Houston Chronicle.

The main thing was elsewhere for the thirty-year-old who had to fight hard to extricate this giant from the waters. Taking his pain patiently, he thus exhausted the animal by making it swim in circles to be able to reassemble it.

Felt like someone’s car just started and I was hanging on the end of the line “, he thus told.

Photo credit: You Tube screenshot /WILD LIFE

Photo credit: You Tube screenshot /WILD LIFE

Alligator pike (Lepisosteidae) are prehistoric creatures that have inhabited freshwater for millions of years. Considered carnivorous because of their sharp jaws similar to those of crocodiles (hence their name), they can measure up to 3 meters in length.

The largest specimen ever captured measured 2.59 meters and weighed 148 kilograms!

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