He didn’t know he had been abandoned

Toby (the cat) is a kitten with a heartbreaking story. His family had left him with others, but he escaped and returned to what he considered his home and loved ones. The poor feline had traveled 12 miles (19 kilometers) to find them, but instead of welcoming him with hugs and kisses, they took him to a shelter to be euthanized. Fortunately, the people at the shelter refused and took him to an animal welfare organization where they took him in and cured his illness.

A cat travels 19 kilometers to see its masters


Toby was in a house he didn’t know, although he was left there, he refused to leave his real family, so he ventured 12 miles and managed to find what he considered like his home next to his loved ones, but soon after he realized that they didn’t like him as they didn’t pamper him and only received scorn.

Confused, he followed and trusted his owners, who took him to a pen where they told him the story and gave him the solution of euthanasia so the feline wouldn’t come back. The staff were saddened by the event and the feline’s sad and devastated face was evident.

“When Toby’s family no longer wanted him, they gave him to another family. But Toby lost them, and walked 12 miles home. When he arrived, he found himself heartbroken. The family who thought they loved him took him to a shelter and asked the staff to euthanize him. » Said SPCA of Wake County

Fortunately, the shelter workers refused to do so and contacted the animal rescue organization SPCA of Wake County, based in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), who couldn’t believe the sad story. of this adorable feline.


When they examined him, they realized that he was suffering from a virus, because through studies they found out that he was suffering immunodeficiency feline, this virus, although it does not cause obvious lesions over the years, attacks the immune system. Everyone at the shelter helped him and tried to heal his broken heart. Over time and with proper health care, this cat was able to get better.

A new beginning for Toby

Soon after, the rescue group shared Toby’s story to find the perfect owners who could care for him, love him and look after his well-being. A woman named Michele Puckett gave him a second chance.

Toby enjoy now fun days with his owner and of course his feline brothers and sisters who welcomed him with lots of love. This big-hearted cat is now giving his affection to someone who appreciates him and loves him back.

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