He hunts bugs and termites with his dogs

This resident of Sos, animal and nature lover, has been a dog breeder since the age of 15. In 2020, in the midst of a health crisis, he embarked on the detection of these invading insects, which devour the wood of houses and which invite themselves into our interiors, between sheets and clothes. “The technique is the same as for any other detection: we associate the smell of the insect with the dog’s toys. The canine, in this case, is a “tool.” “I don’t deal. I make a diagnosis. “A sharp diagnosis, which requires tedious work. “We go around the houses, we punch. That takes time. »

The intervention of the dogs makes it possible to precisely locate and determine the extent of the infestation. Thus, the building can be treated long before the damage is visible or irreversible. “We establish maps to avoid the spread. »

In lodges and churches

Julien Pioppo, whose company is FCBA certified, followed various training courses before starting. Far from being the only one in the canine detection of bedbugs, he is on the other hand one of the few, in France, to look into termites. “I intervene in a regional radiation. Even if there would be a lot to do in Paris for example,” he smiles. Termites like darkness, humidity, and, of course, the cardboard, cellulose, paper and wood on which they feed. “They pass through the cob, then reach the frame. Bedbugs love blood and cause small bites. “I work for individuals but also for communities. “Cinemas, hotels, lodges are screened. “In summer, we work in tourist places, often as a precautionary measure. When we are there, we search everything. All the rooms, all the corners because these insects even pass through the pipes. »

Nox, a termite-detecting malinois.

Nox, a termite-detecting malinois.


The municipal buildings also occupy the days of the dog handler. “Many town halls call on us to protect their buildings, such as churches for example. »

The four specialist anti-termite and anti-bug dogs, of the Malinois and Labrador breeds, were trained from a very young age in these techniques by Julien Pioppo. A pleasure more than a job for this forties, former driver of sled dogs. “I worked in Lapland, in Santa Claus’ village,” he explains. “I have always loved working with dogs. I practiced for the army, I prepared them for the detection of drugs and explosives. »

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