“He must have had such a fun day!”


A funny chase took place in the streets of Minamitane, Japan. A dog has followed a Google Maps car for a long distance, which is visible throughout the course of the vehicle.

This one was first spotted near a swimming area, and followed the Google Maps car to a dead end, before disappearing. His tongue hanging out, he seemed determined to follow the vehicle at all costs.

The canvas conquered

The adorable animal has of course become the darling of Internet users, who were happy to trace its journey on the application. “The car was later found with its driver covered in dog drool. This is the cutest thing ever,” the comments read.

Another user added: “We don’t know why this dog was so determined, but he really wanted to follow this car. He must have had such a fun day! It is not known if this was a stray dog ​​or if it belonged to someone. In any case, he conquered the heart of the web!


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