he opens it and has tears in his eyes

Abandoned bag in the middle of a sugar cane field: he opens it and has tears in his eyes

A particularly shocking abandonment because of the age of the puppies that were discovered in the bag.

A little over two weeks ago, a very sad discovery was made in the middle of a sugar cane field. First an abandoned bag was found. A moving bag. Inside were two tiny little female puppies. Two adorable balls of fur who only wanted to live.

Two day old puppies

The “Espoir RĂ©union” association shared this sad discovery via its Facebook page, indicating that the two puppies were only two days old. A real shock for all the volunteers to see, abandoned in a bag, two such small puppies.

Fortunately, the two puppies are now safe in a foster family specializing in the treatment of newborns.

Furious, the volunteers of the shelter recalled the vital importance of having your animals sterilized in order to avoid such situations.

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