He stole coins from parking meters in Metz using… dog poo bags

The mini bags distributed in the streets of Metz, so that mistresses and masters can pick up the droppings of their doggie, can have other uses. A Messin, called to appear this Wednesday before the criminal court of the city for theft and degradation, knows something about it.

For a year and a half, this 30-something had been using it to (illegally) collect change from the city’s parking meters. With him encumbered the mouth from which the money came. Then, after removing the bag, he retrieved the parts that remained stuck in the machine.

During his arrest in flagrante delicto, Monday evening, rue Lafayette, near Metz station, the author of the scam was found with 36 euros in change on him, as well as several bags. He explained that he used it for sitting.

No dog is prosecuted for complicity in this case.

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