He teaches his cat to open a door on his own

Who said cats can’t learn tricks? In a video posted on February 26 on TikTok, a user shattered all stereotypes by showing how he taught his cat to open a door.

The video, which garnered more than 35.5 million views in less than a month, is an assemblage of moments captured over several days, reports Newsweek relayed by The Dauphine. We see the young man gradually teaching his cat to press the door handle, perched on the kitchen worktop.

Many tricks taught

With each success, the cat is congratulated by a small “check” from its master (and probably by a treat). The video ends with an excerpt where the animal opens the door alone, rewarded with a touching kiss from its master. This isn’t the only trick this amateur trainer has taught his feline.

In other videos, which have also accumulated many views, we see that the cat has learned to turn off the tap, turn on the light or even shake hands with its master. The best is probably the one where the cat jumps between the hoop arms of its master before landing on a skateboard.

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