He urgently takes his cat to the vet: an x-ray will reveal the improbable truth

He rushes his cat to the vet: an x-ray will reveal the improbable truth

This owner had the surprise of his life when he discovered the x-ray of his sick cat.

Paul Spraggett, 44, will long remember his last visit to the vet. As revealed by the Newsweek site, this factory manager from the city of Stratford-upon-Avon, England had to go to the vet because his cat Berry had stopped drinking and eating.

The cat swallowed 50 hair ties

Initially, the 40-year-old thinks his 2-year-old pet is suffering from hairballs. However, an x-ray will reveal the unlikely truth.

The veterinarian and the owner will discover with amazement that the feline has swallowed hair elastics. In total, 50 rubber bands will be found in his stomach.

The x-ray showed the mass of rubber bands lodged between Berry’s esophagus and his stomach, making surgery the only option.

Three hours of operation to remove foreign bodies

The cat underwent a three-hour operation to remove these foreign bodies: “None of us had ever thought of the risks that hair ties and other similar everyday objects could represent for our four cats”, explained the owner of Berry.

Today, Paul and his family have decided to ban rubber bands from their home to prevent their feline from succumbing to temptation: “Now she has a lot more appetite and that convinced us that she had to catch these blindfolds for a long time, maybe even 18 months”.

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