he was naked, in the water, wearing only a dog mask

Funny meeting, for a walker this Saturday, May 21, around 1 p.m. near the street of the town of Montreuil-aux-Lions, east of Château-Thierry, in the south of Aisne. A man wearing only a dog mask, his feet in the water, and a camera on a tripod.

Warned, the gendarmes will arrest the 33-year-old man a few minutes later, dressed but recognized because of his wet shoes.

He will admit to them that he is a “puppy player”: a person who plays the role of a dog, a hobby practiced in certain fetishist circles. We do not know his dog’s name, but the man is summoned on October 18 to the Soissons court for sexual exhibition. He faces up to a year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.


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