“He will go to the end to restore the honor of his family”, assures his lawyer

The couple are condemned to reimburse 800,000 euros to the National Assembly but is appealing in cassation. The Court of Appeal also released the spouses on one of Penelope Fillon’s contracts, for the benefit of the doubt. His lawyer responds by saying that “Pénélope Fillon assumed the same functions with her husband since the beginning of his political career and that therefore, if there is a release on part of the facts, these are the same functions that she occupied until she resign of this job and therefore it is a general release which should be spoken.”

François Fillon’s lawyer considers the court’s decision unbalanced: “At one point, there is a rather fragile balance that begins to no longer hold. We can’t have a job that at the beginning may be fictitious and finally isn’t anymore and which is for a part.

Master Antonin Levy added, in reaction to the appeal in cassation: “For his children, the court of appeal said ‘yes the work was real’. For part of the work of his wife, the court of appeal said ‘yes the work was real.’ And all of that took years of battles and litigation. So if it takes a few more to restore his honor and that of his family. Well, he’ll go all the way“.

Added to this is a fine of 375,000 euros and 10 years of ineligibility. Pénélope Fillon receives, for her part, two-year suspended prison sentence and 375,000 euro fine.

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