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Partner Claudia Dubé.  Source: TCJ website


Partner Claudia Dubé. Source: TCJ website

The partner Claudia Dube was appointed chair of the board of directors of Therrien Couture Joli-Coeur (TCJ).

She succeeds Me Eric Beauchesnewho held this position for two years. Norman Therrien remains president and chief executive officer of the organization.

A partner since 2012, Me Dubé has held a position of administrator since 2018. Arrived at the firm in 2007, she has held the position of director of the labor and employment law department for several years.

For the past two years, she has been involved in several important files in the organization. She sits on various administrative and advisory committees.

Droit-inc spoke to him.

How did you receive this news?

I have been on the board for four years now. Even if I didn’t expect it, I’m happy to take on this new role.

Our mandates are spread over two or three years. With the merger, I was under a three-year directorship. My mandate as administrator ends in December 2022. I will do the next year as president and then we will see for the subsequent years.

In this position, what exactly will you do?

The TCJ group is a legal service company. Our President and CEO Norman Therrien continues to lead the firm.

For my part, I will chair the board of directors. He is in charge of applying the strategic plan, works in collaboration with the management and monitors the various projects. We bring all the support and vision necessary to the management team to move the projects forward. My role is to chair the board and lead the sessions with the directors.

What are the next challenges to come in the coming months?

I have worked at the firm for over 15 years. When I arrived, we were about 30 people, including about twenty lawyers. Today we are nearly 400 employees. In the space of fifteen years, the firm has made various mergers. There was a first merger in 2012 and a second in 2020. Today, we want to ensure the sustainability of the firm.

As Chair of the Board, I will prepare us for the next step, which is to continue our investments. The TCJ Group invests in legal technology. We are shareholders of companies that are in legal technologies.

Also, we wish to continue the study of various future projects with our partner Fondaction. And, we continue to seek new talent to grow the team of legal professionals.

What are the other objectives of the CA under your presidency?

Currently, we are wondering how we should ensure optimal governance. We are seeing the key committees that will allow us to feed the board in order to ensure the company’s strategic plan.

In two years, we had to experience both the entrepreneurial merger and the pandemic. Today, we want to fully assume this merger. This is one of our mandates. We must adopt a strategic plan for the next few years and ensure that it is carried out.

Your appointment and those of two other associates allow parity within the Board of Directors. Why is it important to point this out?

Among the nine directors, there are six men and five women. Parity will never be total since we are an odd number. Also, we have two outside directors, a man and a woman, who sit on this board. Parity should never be at the expense of competence. But, we can seek parity in competence.

We have been talking about the evolution of the notions of equality and equity for years. We are trying to make more room for this parity. This is important because our profession will be made up of more women than men in the future. Our organizations must reflect society and management must do the same. Previously, leadership positions in some organizations were held much more by men than by women. We have to work on that.

How did you reconcile your roles as lawyer, chair of the board and mother?

Conciliation is the challenge of all professionals involved. In addition to assuming the role of president of the Board, I continue to lead the labor law team. The role of president will require me more time than that of the role of administrator. It’s a challenge, but I’ll get there.

Thanks to the discipline of life, I manage to assume my different roles. I also achieve this through physical training. It’s important to take the time to practice. Physical health is just as important as mental health. Mental health depends a lot on physical health.

I try to occupy every minute, every hour of the day to achieve these different objectives and tasks. I continue to be present for the clients, the team, the administrators and for my family too. As soon as I feel unbalanced, I revalidate my day and prioritize emergencies. My days start early and often end late.

What are your personality traits that will help you succeed in this new mandate?

I’m not afraid to say what I really think, despite my convictions. I give myself the duty to have the courage to really express my ideas, even if some people do not agree with them. I have integrity, dynamism and I am able to defend my opinion.

Sometimes, I can be intransigent and I will have to work on this point. A good chairman of the board must know how to listen despite his convictions. I have already reminded the administrators to let me know if there is a lack of listening, because we manage to make good decisions with listening and communication.

Even though I have already been on several boards of directors, it is a whole new challenge that is beginning. When I am offered a challenge, I am committed, I accept it and I do everything to ensure that our organization achieves its objectives.


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