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Since Thursday, February 3, the 69 million French policyholders have been able to access “Mon Espace Santé”, a new service portal that replaces the shared medical file (DMP). Over the next few months, it will be enriched with several features.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, announced on February 3 the official launch of the digital health space, called “My health space”. “Almost 25 years ago, the vital card transformed and simplified the daily lives of patients and healthcare professionals. A quarter of a century after the arrival of this precious tool, we are taking a new step in the development of digital health”, welcomed the Minister.

The “Ma santé 2022” reform provided for the automatic creation, on 1er January 2022, of this individual digital space. All users of the healthcare system will receive a letter or email by the end of March to warn them of this launch: they will have the right to oppose its opening, but in the absence of a response within a 1 month, it will be put into service. If you wish, you can activate yours before the reception of this message, by connecting to the site

By favoring the “opt-out” system (the insured person must refuse the activation of his space if he does not wish to take advantage of it), the government wants to avoid repeating the fiasco of the shared medical file (DMP): announced in 2004, operational since 2011, relaunched many times, it has only been adopted by 10 million policyholders.

The data from “My health space” will be hosted by two French companies with Health Data Hosting (HDS) accreditation. These are Santeos for shared medical record data and Atos for other portal data. This choice of French companies should prevent “My health space” from getting bogged down in the same controversy as that affecting the Health Data Hub, another platform project bringing together a large part of the health data of the French. The hosting of this data was entrusted without a call for tenders to the American Microsoft, a choice denounced by many players including the Council of the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) in a notice published on February 3.

New services

This new tool already integrates the DMP, which makes it possible to store documents (prescriptions, medical history, hospitalization reports, etc.) and to share them with healthcare professionals, and secure healthcare messaging. Thanks to it, it is possible for a patient to communicate in complete confidentiality with health professionals, whereas currently only the latter benefit from such a system (MSSanté) to communicate with each other. “My health space” wants to respond to this lack by making exchanges more reliable, such as the sending of reports of examination results.

In the coming months, the portal should be enriched with the implementation of an electronic diary (management of medical appointments, vaccine reminders, screening, etc.) and a catalog of applications related to health and to well-being. These were developed by public and private actors and then validated by the State. Thanks to them, you will have access, for example, to teleconsultation services and online appointment booking.

Other innovations will continue to be implemented in 2023, such as the possibility of delegating access to “My health space” to a relative chosen by the user; visualization of medical images (MRI, X-ray, etc.) directly in space; but also the integration of electronic prescriptions authenticated by QR code. “This tool will not be set in stone, it will not be a bad caricature of an administrative project which arrives 20 years late: it will be scalable and will adapt as much to the needs that will appear as to the requests that will be made by patients and health professionals “said the Minister.

In his speech, he also promised the establishment of a “network of professional actors and volunteers able to train and support, in particular, people who are furthest away from digital technology” in handling this new space. “There is no question that “My health space” is reserved for those who are comfortable with digital technology, everyone must have access to it and this is one of the conditions for its success”he insisted.

A dematerialized Vitale card

The Vitale card, thanks to which we were able to switch from the paper care sheet to its electronic counterpart, is also in the process of evolving. It will be available next year free of charge on smartphone (Android and iOS) for all Health Insurance affiliates, after an experimental phase planned in 10 departments, where a gradual deployment will take place until 2023. This digital version, which is not intended to replace the green card present in our wallets (one of the limitations of which is the absence of a chip reader at the bearer’s home), will give the possibility of connecting to “My health space » and other public services (taxes, etc.) via the FranceConnect portal.

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