Health insurance: the “My health space” application accessible in Corsica since this Wednesday

Since February 16, Corsican social security beneficiaries have access to the “My health space” application. The device, launched at the national level, offers a digital space to better manage its health procedures.

It’s a new way to be in contact with social security“, says Marie-Hélène Lecenne, director of the regional health agency of Corsica. Since Wednesday, all people registered with the primary health insurance funds (CPAM) of Corse-du-Sud and Haute-Corse have access to the “My health space” application.

For Marie-Madeleine Guillou, director of the Corse-du-Sud structure, the tool “will transform the way health data is managed, simplify and improve care pathways. This is the future health record.“Thus, after the consent of the insured, the platform will offer a “secure safe” where all health documents such as prescriptions, biological results or hospital records will be classified.

Time saving

It will gradually be fed automatically by the professionals and will contain a vaccination record and a message system so that the patient can exchange with the professionals and establishments that take care of him. “Ultimately, this device will save valuable time in establishing diagnoses. For example, in an emergency department, ‘My health space’ will allow access to medical information very quickly and to establish a diagnosis just as quickly.“, specifies Maclou Rigobert, director of the health insurance of Haute-Corse.

In terms of security, the personal data of users of “My health space” are hosted in France on “servers meeting the highest security standards“, specifies the Ministry of Health. In addition, only citizens and the health professionals who accompany them will have access to personal data. Personal data which will be encrypted.

The end of the deployment of the application is scheduled for June 2022.

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