Health | The question: how to protect yourself from the tiger mosquito?

According to Vigilance Moustiques, 64 French departments, or 67% of the metropolitan territory, are currently placed on red alert, synonymous with the establishment and activity of the insect. “In Paca, as the Regional Health Agency (Ars) points out, more than 62% of municipalities are colonized by the tiger mosquito and 97% of the population lives in contact with it. To fight against the proliferation of the tiger mosquito and protect yourself against the bites of this insect, the agency provides some advice. We tell you everything.

Outside, stagnant water is eliminated (plant bowls, children’s toys, etc.) in which mosquito larvae develop. Sometimes a few centiliters can be enough for a female to lay her eggs there. Green waste is picked up and becomes resting places for adult mosquitoes.

To avoid bites, it is advisable to wear covering and loose clothing; to use a skin repellent, recommended by the pharmacist, on uncovered areas of skin when exposed to mosquitoes. On the other hand, plants sold as repellents (geranium, thyme, lemongrass, lavender, etc.) have a relative effectiveness that does not always prevent mosquitoes from biting. Similarly, blue light or UV lamps and ultrasonic sound devices unfortunately do not seem to be effective according to most tests carried out by consumer associations. The smoke coil is to be strictly reserved for outdoor use without the presence of young children due to smoke emissions and the risk of burns.

Inside, air conditioners or fans are used which interfere with mosquitoes. If necessary, use mosquito nets on openings (doors and windows) and electric diffusers. Finally, in the event of a bite and in the presence of suggestive symptoms (sudden onset fever, muscle or joint pain, eye pain, fatigue, headache), consult a doctor immediately.

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