Health: why all Pyrénées-Atlantiques policyholders will receive a message from Health Insurance

Personal and secure, “My health space” is intended to become the future digital health record for citizens, allowing them to store all the health information useful for their medical follow-up (prescriptions, biology analysis results, medical reports, etc.) and to share them with the healthcare professionals and establishments of their choice.

It will also offer health messaging to secure exchanges with the professionals and health establishments that take care of them, then it will soon be enriched with a medical diary (practical for reminders of vaccines or screenings) and a catalog of labeled applications and services.

Medical secrecy preserved

Policyholders can activate it, or oppose it by going to To do this, all you need to do is bring your Vitale card and the temporary code present in the email or letter. If necessary, the insured can also call 34 22, the telephone number dedicated to this operation, to request assistance. At the end of a period of 6 weeks from the sending of the email or the information letter, and in the absence of opposition, the profile will be opened. Thereafter, at any time, it will be possible to activate or close his profile.

The editorial staff advises you

Note that all information recorded in the service will be preserved by medical secrecy: only health professionals authorized by the user will be able to consult it and the user will be able to know who has consulted, modified or added a document in his medical file. The user will also be able to add, delete or hide a document at any time from the site or the application that will be launched during this first quarter.

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