Heat wave: how to protect your dog from high heat?

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The successive heat waves do not spare our animal friends. In the middle of a heat wave, dogs also suffer from the risk of dehydration and heatstroke.

At the reception of the SPA at Le Garric, volunteers are busy. It is 10 a.m. and the temperatures are already starting to rise. The schedule is busy: morning walks and grooming must follow quickly to prevent the animals from suffering the late morning heat. In the midst of this excitement, Nathalie Agobé quickly leaves her office. The director of the garricoise association does not lack energy, especially with regard to the protection of her canines. In this month of July when temperatures could reach more than 40°C in Albi, the heat wave is a major problem for four-legged residents, especially dogs. Especially since the latter, unlike humans, hardly sweat, which reduces their ability to self-regulate their body temperature.

“At the SPA, we have misters, roof watering cans or even water games, explains the director. We know perfectly well that these installations can be too expensive for individuals. We therefore advise them to take advantage of their dog shade and this, as much as possible during the day, while remembering to hydrate them well”.

Cooling mats or, more economically, bath towels that are moistened, are effective solutions to help your pet get through this heat wave. Regarding walks, Nathalie advises to shorten the walks and concentrate them in the morning and evening, when the temperatures become more bearable.

A statement supported by the Albigensian association 1 truffle and 1 heart: “certain brachycephalic breeds such as boxers or bulldogs have basic breathing difficulties that the heat wave can worsen, explains Nathalie, a volunteer. We must therefore pay attention to the outing hours. And who says exit, says station on the ground! “Homeowners don’t always think about the pads, she adds. Walking on the floor can burn, so you have to think about refreshing those areas.”

Get rid of bad habits

Far from received ideas, shearing your animal is a practice to be banned. “Hair protects dogs from both cold and heat. The average temperature of a dog is 38.5°C with its hair. Imagine if you take that protection away?” asks the volunteer of 1 truffle and 1 heart.

Another practice that alerts animal associations is that of leaving your dog in the car. In a few minutes, the temperature can reach more than 50°C and lead to heat strokes, or even worse, the death of the animal. For the employees of the Maxi Zoo pet store in Albi, it is necessary “to encourage people to either leave their dog cool in the house, or to come with them to the store. But in no case should he stays alone in the car, even if it’s to buy a loaf of bread”. As for human beings in the summer, caution is required for our four-legged friends.

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