Hells Angels: their lawyer in France had written to Donald Trump

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Master Emmanuel Ludot is the lawyer for several Hells Angels in France.

The sulphurous reputation of the Hells Angels was mainly built in December 1969 in the United States, during the famous concert of the Rolling Stones, in Altamont (California). Mick Jagger’s band had called on the Hells Angels that night to provide security for the concert, which tragically went wrong. A spectator who would have brandished a firearm in the direction of the Stones is stabbed to death, a few meters from the scene, by a member of the “Hells”. The dramatic event goes around the world. And the reputation of this strong biker gang is then stained with blood. Since that date and the many cases of drug trafficking and organized crime in Canada, this group of bikers is considered “persona non grata” in many countries, including the United States. In 2018, Reims lawyer Emmanuel Ludot, defender of many Hells Angels, wrote to US President Donald Trump to lift the ban on this group from traveling to the US. “I never had an answer to this letter, he says today. But I sent it to him because the Hells Angels were used as a bodyguard throughout his election campaign. I thought he could be sensitive to the arguments of the people I represented”.

Network in show business

In addition, Emmanuel Ludot, lawyer in particular for Johnny Hallyday’s motorcycle mechanic, says he is “surprised” by this reputation which still sticks to the black jacket of the “Hells”. “These are people who have rules of life and a code of honor. In their organization, which is still very secret, there is no leader. They consider each other as brothers and have a very powerful relational network. Not in politics but in Parisian show biz and the artistic world where it is not uncommon to see them alongside famous actors or actresses and even comedians…” The Hells Angels always have a double life. “They can be a business leader by day and a biker by night,” continues the lawyer from Reims. In civilian life, they are also real estate agents, bar or tattoo parlor owners, navvies… If you meet them during the day, you don’t recognize them on their Harley! They advocate a world without borders and total freedom. Rock star Johnny Hallyday was never able to join the Hells Angels for reasons that are still unknown. But we remember that during his funeral in Paris, the Hells Angels on their Harleys marched in his honor on the Champs-Elysées. They always thought they owed him something.

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