Her cat is accused of several offences: at trial, she wins more than 118,000 euros

Her cat is accused of several offences: at trial, she wins more than 118,000 euros

Miska is an innocent cat! His owner decided to take legal action against King County in the United States to clear his tomcat accused of killing other animals and roaming freely in the city of Bellevue.

A woman living in the town of Bellevue, located in King County, Washington has won a court fight.

As CBS Kiro 7 reports, Anna Danieli received a $125,000 (over 118,000 euros) settlement after the wrongful conviction of her cat, Miska.

More than 30 fines and violations against the cat

The cat alone had accumulated more than 30 fines and offenses against him. His mistress had received $30,000 in fines over the years.

The Tabby was accused of scaring and killing other animals and roaming freely in the town of Bellevue.

Domestic cats and other state animals are protected under the laws and statutes of the State of Washington and the National Animal Welfare Act of the United States. However, the City of Bellevue and King County have their own local laws regarding civil offenses involving animals.

In 2019, Miska had been removed from his owner by animal control and was forced to spend time in a “cat prison”, as reported by FOX 11 radio.

In response, Anna filed a lawsuit against King County and other government entities.

“An unwarranted and incredible pursuit”

“This case was about the unwarranted and unbelievable prosecution of a domestic cat in Bellevue,” Jon Zimmerman, Danieli’s attorney, told Fox 11.

In particular, the investigation was able to demonstrate that Anna’s neighbor was the source of many of the complaints. A man who also happened to be the King County Regional Animal Services Director.

Information that highlighted a serious conflict of interest: “Miss Danieli did not even know this person (…) this person from her neighborhood had in fact filed these complaints until later in the case”, specifies Jon Zimmerman.

Today, the two lawyers in the case hope that this lawsuit will lead to more transparency on the cases which concern pets.

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