her husband asks her to move, a tragedy occurs

Pregnant, she becomes allergic to cats

During pregnancy, the body changes and it happens that we develop allergies. This is what happened to this American who developed an allergy to cats. Unfortunately, this posed a real problem.

It was on Reddit that a man recounted the drama he recently experienced because of his wife with whom he has been with for seven years. Six months pregnant with their first child, the woman unfortunately developed an allergy to cats during her pregnancy. A problem for the couple because they have a 16-year-old cat at home.

A complex choice

Aware that his 16-year-old cat, who has never known anyone else, would find it difficult to endure a separation, the man explains to his wife that the easiest thing would be for her to move in with her parents who live nearby in order to end her pregnancy there or to find a good solution for the cat. A request that absolutely does not please the future mother who becomes furious that we can prefer the comfort of a cat to hers. The man then contacts his brother to ask him if he can keep the cat for the remaining months, he accepts.

A real drama

But the cat will not have the opportunity to join the brother of his human since his pregnant mistress has decided to take him to the nearest shelter, without warning her husband. Back from work, he heard the terrible news and rushed into the shelter to retrieve his cat. Unfortunately, the volunteers explained to him that the cat had died after being attacked by a dog accidentally.

Back home, the man couldn’t look at his wife and couldn’t forgive her for playing with her cat’s life.

The story does not say if the couple managed to recover.

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