Hérault Valley: after a hundred disappearances of cats in two years, worried owners

A file was compiled and submitted to the SPA, which forwarded it to the prosecution.

Is there a danger hovering over the cats of the Hérault valley? An informal group of residents identified a hundred disappearances over two yearsbetween several villages including Tressan, Plaissan, Vendémian, Puilacher, Campagnan…

Originally, Saida Ounnas had lost her cat. At the start of the year, Choco gave no sign of life. “We finally realized that other cats had mysteriously disappeared in our town of Tressan “, she explains.

Traps, poisonings…

By pushing the research further, in total, 96 cats in two years will be identified as missing or killed.

Patiently, Saida Ounnas will put together a file to list each of the animals, provide if possible a photo, the name of the owners, the identification of the animal when it is chipped or tattooed. With a map to locate each case. “Sometimes animals disappear in the same street. The question is whether these disappearances are not due to malicious people “, specifies Saida Ounnas.

Especially since his research has shown acts of cruelty.

A mass grave found

Thus the town hall of Campagnan noted last year “a mass grave of cats“found on the town.”We also have cases of cats caught in traps “. And especially with plastic clamps around the neck.

A fact attested by a veterinarian’s report concerning a cat found in Plaissan. On Puilacher, several poisonings have been recorded. “There have been 19 missing cats in the same subdivision. 17 were never found and two were poisoned.

Thus, the owners have submitted this complete file to the SPA of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. “We want to at least warn owners to be careful.

Contact on 07 86 47 47 46.

“Disturbing Disappearances”

Annie Bénézech, director of the Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone SPA, sent the file to the Montpellier prosecutor’s office. “For me, these disappearances are worrying, often in a nearby area. It is always very painful for owners who wonder what has become of their pet. Governments need to address this issue. Of course, we always think of skin trafficking, for example. There is also a worrying situation in Toulouse. My feeling is that there is a problem with cats in Occitania.

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