Here is the largest dog in the world according to the Guinness Book (photos)

The dog is a Great Dane or also called a Great Dane. This breed of dog is already known for its large size.

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The animal, named Zeus, is 2.10 meters tall on its hind legs and weighs just over 90 kg. Zeus is now the tallest dog in the world according to the Guinness Book. A record which is not very surprising when the owner remembers that, already at three months, the animal weighed 11 kg.

Zeus lives in the United States with his owner Brittany Davis, reports the washington post. The American was offered the dog in 2020 by her brother, he was already the largest of the litter. The animal is very sweet and pleasant to live with according to its owner. Zeus is a little over a meter high at the withers, an impressive size that breaks records.

A bit like Beethoven, Zeus is a great gourmand: “ He has always loved to eat and now he eats ten to twelve bowls of dry food twice a day. says Brittany Davis. The dog also enjoys stealing breakfast from Brittany’s son. ” He doesn’t have to try too hard, he’s so tall he can stand at counter level and grab whatever he wants “, she breathes.

Although he is tall, Zeus is apparently very calm and likes to be around children, but also the three other Australian Shepherds in the family, with the exception of the cat. The two animals politely avoid each other. ” He loves all the attention and treats he gets, and wherever he goes, he brings people a lot of joy. Every time we go out it’s a big hit. He’s the best dog ever and we’re happy to share him concludes Brittany Davis. Zeus also has his own Instagram page.

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