Here’s Chrome OS’ New Animated Screensaver Feature

Thanks to Kevin Tofel from About Chromebooks, we now have our very first look at the animated screensavers Google recently promised us that would eventually arrive on the new Personalization Center.


After updating his Acer Spin 713 to Chrome OS Dev Channel 100 – the first three-digit version of Google’s operating system – he encountered a new setting to activate the screensaver you see below . For this to work, it also needed to enable a new Chrome developer flag called Ambient Mode Animation.

Launch the Lottie Animated ChromeOS Screensaver

Launches the animated screensaver (as opposed to the existing photo slideshow) when entering Ambient Mode. Currently there is only one animation theme available (feel the breeze). -Chrome OS


As we discussed earlier, Google currently uses a web tool called Lottie. In the future it may be possible for users to upload their own GIF or something to create their own screensaver, but at the moment the only one available is called “Feel the Breeze” and looks like six polaroid photos hanging on a line. blowing in the wind.

What’s super interesting is that even in its oldest form, the Animated Screensaver for Chrome OS takes the user’s photos from a Google Photos album it specifies and plugs them in on polaroids in real time. As you can see in the video, our Google Photos are currently populating the out-of-the-box frames, which is a very exciting start.


I know many of you have already expressed interest in having animated backgrounds on your Chromebook, and customers have been asking me for a long time in stores, so I think in regards to customization features for Chrome OS, this is going to be a hit.

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