Here’s What Google Said to LinkedIn, When LinkedIn Asked How to Hire Like Google

In short, when I find a compendium like this, I like to take the data points and advice and reverse engineer it. You come away with great insights into how some of the most successful companies say they recruit and hire the best candidates — strategies you can borrow to use in your own business, if they apply.

Example: Alphabet, parent company of Google.

Every year, according to the most recent data I’ve seen, over 2 million people apply to work at Google. That’s a staggering number, as it’s more than 12 times as many people currently working there in the first place.

In order to be able to handle this volume of applicants with anything even remotely resembling efficiency, Google would need to have two things in place:

The answers the company provided to LinkedIn have more to do with the second point. Here are the highlights:

Now I doubt you have the same problem as Alphabet. The quoted applicant volume means that on average, Google would submit a new application every 15 seconds, 24/7.

Even so, I think there are at least two good ideas for almost any business to consider from this compilation:

Regular readers may know that I’ve done this sort of thing with Google in the past. For example, we have:

They say good artists borrow, but great artists steal. You don’t have to want to work at Google — or anywhere else other than yourself — for this kind of information to be valuable to your business. And maybe it’s worth a rhetorical sweep

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