Hertz, the army sniffer dog, medalist for his exploits against the Taliban

Hertz, a British Army sniffer dog, received the Dickin Medal of Bravery on Tuesday. This ten-year-old German pointer, now retired, was rewarded for his action in Afghanistan in the fight against the Taliban in 2013.

Hertz is the first British Army dog ​​trained to detect telecommunications equipment. He thus detected the mobile phones used by the Taliban to coordinate their attacks before their return to power. “His exceptional talents undoubtedly protected the troops,” said the animal rights association PDSA, which presented him with the medal.

A medal created in 1943

Born in Croatia, Hertz joined the Royal Air Force at an early age and was trained in detecting electronic equipment. The dog and his master, Warrant Officer Jonathan Tanner, were deployed in Afghanistan for thirteen months in the British base “Camp Bastion”. During their stay there were no rocket attacks targeting the camp.

“Most of the objects he found were used to gather intelligence on potential attacks,” PDSA said on Tuesday. Created by the founder of the association Maria Dickin in 1943, the eponymous medal rewards animals that have shown bravery and dedication during a military conflict. Its recipients include a total of 37 dogs, 32 pigeons, four horses and a cat.

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