his dog does not hesitate for a second

She is walking her doggie when she feels claws on her shoulder: her dog does not hesitate for a second

On Monday, May 16, a woman was walking her dog in Northern California shortly after 3 p.m.

Erin Wilson stopped on the side of the highway to walk along the Trinity River with her Belgian Shepherd dog named Eva.

A very rare attack

Suddenly, a mountain lion pounced on Erin from behind, digging its claws into her left shoulder.

His dog Eva was a few meters from his mistress on the trail. Erin screamed and Eva didn’t hesitate for a second to jump on the puma to fight it.

The cougar bit Eva’s head and wouldn’t let go. Erin then had the reflex to throw stones.

But the cougar wouldn’t let go of Eva. Erin had no choice but to seek help near the highway, leaving her dog alone with the puma for a few moments.

She gets help

Sharon Houston lives in the area and saw Erin seeking help. When the young woman explained the situation to her, Sharon grabbed a PVC pipe and a small can of pepper spray and ran to help.

Sharon and Erin then fought the mountain lion. The cougar released Eva for a second, enough time for Sharon to unpin the pepper spray until the cougar finally backed off.

Erin immediately took the dog to the vet.

Meanwhile, investigators have taken DNA samples from her and the dog which are being analyzed at a local lab.

Wildlife officials will try to capture the cougar. DNA will be used to confirm if it is the same animal.

Important care

Fortunately, Eva pulled through and received emergency treatment. The dog is currently at the vet.

She has 2 skull fractures, a perforation in the sinus cavity, and severe swelling around her left eye, which impairs her vision.

Erin started a fundraiser to get help paying for Eva’s care.

The vet is optimistic, however, as the dog is two and a half years old and otherwise in great shape. What bravery!

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