his dog found 12 years later

The news was announced on Friday. In California, a dog who had been missing for 12 years has finally been found and reunited with her owner.

Earlier in the month, on February 10, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office (southeast of San Francisco) received a call about a stray animal on a rural property. He appeared old and sick, according to the description.

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Listed as “deceased” in 2015

After verification, it turns out that this animal was none other than the dog Zoey, who disappeared in 2010. She had been missing for so long that the company that manufactures her microchip had listed her as “deceased” in 2015 .

“We had her in the pound when she was six months old with her twin sister… They stayed with us for about six months, then one day we went to a store […] and when we came back she was gone,” Michelle, Zoey’s owner, told NOTBCNews.

Always the same number

If Michelle and her dog were able to be reunited after all this time, it is partly because this woman’s telephone number had remained unchanged after so many years. This phone call was totally unexpected, she further commented to the BBC.

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