his human approaches and runs away (Video)

The dog growls in front of a trash can: his human approaches and runs away (Video)

That day, Toby’s flair saved three small lives.

During a morning walk last June, Toby sensed someone needed help at a nearby trash can. The rescue dog immediately sprang into action, dragging his mother with him.

When Rebecca Brooks notices her dog on the lookout, she realizes something is wrong. She then follows his gaze and decides to follow him…

A dog with perfect flair

Approaching a large trash can nearby, Rebecca Brooks hears scratching. Bingo! That’s what Toby heard. A few seconds later, she sees two black legs moving. She then gets closer and discovers three baby raccoons. They were trying with all their might to get out of the trash, to no avail.

To help the raccoons get out of the trash, Rebecca Brooks rushes home to get a broom. She then returns to the spot and each raccoon ends up clinging to the broom in order to get out of the trash.

A successful mission that was fully filmed, as you can see below.

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