His in-laws decide to kick out their dog: this Internet user makes a radical decision

His in-laws decide to kick out their dog

A netizen did not appreciate his girlfriend and his mother-in-law putting his dog outside. The man therefore made a radical decision.

It is a rant that a user wanted to push on the Reddit community site. Under the pseudonym “Comfortable-Ad7073”, the 48-year-old explains that he has been in a relationship for two years with a woman named Mariah and that he has a dog named “Boots” who is “well behaved and loved by friends. and neighbours”.

As Newsweek explains, Mariah believes that pets should live outside the home. It took him a while to accept that the pooch stays in the house.

If his partner has managed to adapt to this “way of life”, his family could not help but comment.

The user’s mother-in-law therefore wanted to spend a few days with her daughter. While the visit got off to a good start, the mood grew considerably tense as Mariah’s mother began to reflect on Boots’ presence in the house.

“It’s my house, with my rules”

Very calmly, the owner of the dog indicated that his pet would not go outside and that he would do his best so that Boots did not disturb anyone: “It’s my house, with my rules and Boots can stay inside. inside with me,” he said.

One morning, Boots’ master will find that his animal is not in the house. Very quickly, he will quickly understand that his doggie has been put outside: “Dogs have no place in the kitchen, so we put him outside. “.

Annoyed by this comment, the man will go looking for him: “I went out to find him, and I still couldn’t see him. I walked around the house and found Boots tied to the fence. »

The radical decision of the owner

After untying his dog, he went back inside to ask for an explanation: “I asked Mariah’s mother why they had tied my dog. She said dogs shouldn’t be allowed to run around and she just treated him like a dog should be treated. “.

In her defense, Mariah explained to her spouse that she did not want to kick Boots out. An explanation far from sufficient for the forty-year-old who took a radical decision by putting the two women at the door.

After insulting him, the mother and daughter left the scene. For his part, the Internet user was supported by most Reddit users.

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