His keys fall into a hole, the neighbor’s cat manages an impressive rescue! (VIDEO)

How to recover his keys? This lady did not have the answer to her problem. Giving the cat its tongue? This may be the solution to recover keys that have fallen into a mouse hole. And who else but a cat to solve this problem.

Last week, a Brazilian woman and her son were strolling in front of their apartment building. While playing with his mother’s keys, the young boy made them fall into a hole inaccessible to the human arm. The mother, Luh Meira tried somehow to catch them with a stick, but nothing helped. Luckily for her, a hero appeared.

This is Pantera, the neighbour’s cat. Thanks to its nimble paws, the cat touched the keys several times giving hope to Luh and his son.

“If I hadn’t filmed the sequence, no one would have believed my story”says Luh Meira to the site “The Dodo”, which specializes in animal videos. “I was surprised by the cat because I thought he would put his paw in the hole just to play. But after several attempts, I really saw that Pantera wanted to help me get my keys. I was so happy .”

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