his little cousins’ lawyer regrets that he did not recognize the sexual motive

Me Caroline Rémond, the lawyer of the little cousins ​​of Nordahl Lelandais, regretted that this one did not, in spite of his confessions, recognized the sexual motive concerning the murder of Maëlys de Araujo.

Bitter satisfaction. Me Caroline Rémond, the lawyer little cousins ​​of Nordahl Lelandaisspoke after the latter was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 22-year security period for the kidnapping and murder of Maëlys and the sexual assaults against two little cousins ​​aged 4 and 6 during the same summer of 2017.

“He didn’t make a scoop when he said he recognized all the facts. He didn’t recognize the sexual motive for Maëlys de Araujo because he knows he would have risked real life “, she explains, speaking of” regret “for” all the parties who attended the trial “. “For three weeks, he said he would explain himself, we believed it a little bit, and finally nothing came,” she says.

“They are satisfied with this verdict”

Videos of the assaults of the two young girls in his family had been found in his phone, and broadcast during the hearings in recent weeks.

After the verdict, the lawyer assures that the family of the victims “reacted in a very dignified way”.

“It’s the judicial truth that came out, that’s what they expected. (…) They are satisfied with this verdict. They are relieved that this trial is over,” she said after the interview. announcement of the verdict in Grenoble.

She also recalled that the security sentence did not mean that Nordahl Lelandais would be released after 22 years of confinement. “He will be submitted to a college of expert psychologists, psychiatrists. He will be expertly assessed in a thorough way”, she expresses.

For his part, Me Alain Jakubowicz, lawyer for Nordahl Lelandais, declared that his client would not appeal the conviction. A news that should be welcomed with relief by the families of the victims. Caroline Rémond indeed feared, in the opposite case, new “days of suffering”.

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