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A Reddit user shared his misadventure with his girlfriend, who asked him to get rid of his cat because she is allergic to it. An animal to which he and his daughter are very attached and which is an integral part of their family, especially since it was a precious support when the child was going through a bad phase.

In a forum Reddit where authors deliver their experiences and ask others if they did the right thing, one user posting under the pseudonym jacob_c22 talked about his story with his cat and his partner.

This 40-year-old man and his girlfriend had been together for 2 years. The latter ended up moving in with him, where his 16-year-old daughter and their cat also live. After a week, probably feeling unwell, she saw a doctor who told her that she was allergic to feline hair.

This cat means a lot to jacob_c22 and her daughter. They had it” adopted when he was just a kitten and she was 13 years old. This period was difficult for her because of some false friends “. In 3 years, the quadruped ” helped my daughter a lot “, he continues.

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He talked to his girlfriend and insisted that she take treatments to relieve her symptoms. Which she refused, wanting him instead to separate from the cat. She told him that her daughter would eventually recover and move on.

jacob_c22 replied that he had no intention of letting his cat go. It was enough to get her out of her hinges, and the tone rose. She allegedly involved her mother in the argument and even insulted him, accusing him of not having ” sense of priorities “.

“The cat was there first”

The vast majority of users of Reddit who reacted to this publication took his defense and that of the feline. ” She joins a family with a cat. Take the meds or don’t move in “, thus commented Apotheuncary.

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For suspicious-pepper-31the cat was there first. She don’t have to live there “. As for MySquishyFishy he/she advised him to chip his cat if he is not identified, fearing a ” he got out and ran away from the girlfriend in question.

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