his owner posts a video and gets over a million views in two days

Sunny, a 4-month-old Miniature American Shepherd, has been missing since April 29, 2022. He was stolen from Porsevigné in Brittany. The puppy’s owner posted a video on social media to find him. In two days, it had been viewed over a million times.

“He could be anywhere in France and even abroad”fears Nathalie, the owner of Sunny, a 4-month-old miniature American shepherd, who has not given any sign of life since April 29, 2022. A complaint was filed with the Saint-Renan gendarmerie on the same day of the disappearance, she specifies.

Since then she is “sad and exhausted”, says Nathalie in a video posted on Instagram. Posted on Thursday, the video was shared and garnered over a million views. The one who has a business pet sitter (dog sitter) in life, recounts the circumstances of the theft of which she explains that she was the victim.

At the end of a walk with Sunny in Plouarzel (Finistère), Porsevigné beach, when Nathalie has just dropped off her puppy in the car, marked with the name of her company, she is accosted by a man and a woman, a couple , who ask for information about his professional activity as a dog sitter. The lady tells him about hers, which she has just lost. Meanwhile, the man walks away, with the air “to be on the phone”which does not concern the pet sitter.

Quickly, the woman leaves in a white van parked behind Nathalie’s car. When the latter returns to her vehicle, she no longer finds Sunny. Panicked, she tries to follow the truck, in vain, and goes directly to the gendarmerie. It’s been more than a week and Nathalie fears the worst, that Sunny finds herself in dog trafficking “roughed up waiting to be sold.”

Through her video, she hopes to give impetus to the search and find her puppy adopted a month earlier, at the age of three months. He is his “ray of sunshine”, she describes and wanted to do canine mediation with Sunny. “I would like to find him and that it helps that this traffic stops”indicates Nathalie who thinks that the scenario of this flight was well calculated: “They were well established, they were positioned in the right place, they are professionals.”

According to his owner, Sunny is a 4-month-old Miniature American Shepherd with a tiny tail, a white stripe on his head, white socks, a heart-shaped white spot on his left side, freckles on his nose. His right eye is brown and blue.

If you think you’ve seen it, you can join Nathalie on her Facebook or Instagram page called “blablanimo” or the gendarmerie of Saint-Renan on 02 98 84 21 13.

The owner promises a reward of 1000 euros to the person who finds the animal.

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