his pitbull bit another to death … / Italy / AC Milan / SOFOOT.com

After the stories of cats, place to the stories of dogs.

Unlike Kurt Zouma, Theo Hernández was not guilty of animal abuse, but his pit bull was. Worse, as reported by the local daily The Province of Como, the Milanese left-back doggie bit to death the little dog of a couple made up of a 74-year-old woman and her 80-year-old husband. The pit bull escaped from the villa where the Hernández family lives when the gate was opened for an employee’s car to exit.

It was then that everything came together very quickly. “My uncle and aunt are still very scared” , says Patrizia Gini, the niece. According to the words of Patrizia Gini, Millo – the couple’s dog – was held on a leash by his mistress and the pit bull threw himself on her. In shock, Patrizia’s aunt was later hospitalized. His niece launched a call for witnesses on social networks and filed a complaint against the French international.

Theo Hernández’s dog will be entitled to his bronca at San Siro.


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