Hiscox publishes its study on vintage cars in France

The insurer Hiscox has published the first edition of its Observatory of vintage and collectible cars in France, thanks to data from AAA DATA. We learn that we can come across almost 1 million classic or “collectible” cars in France, or that sales of these models have been very stable for the past five years.

In France, there are nearly a million vintage or collectible cars

On the occasion of Retromobile 2022 show, Hiscox has unveiled its first Observatory of Classic and Collectible Cars in France. This study takes stock of the state of the French collector car market (over 30) or collectible (more than 15 years old and presenting a “collectible character”).

“Car collectors are united by a common passion for design, automobile mechanics, models that have marked generations of young and old. However, behind these similarities are revealed diverse realities and structuring tendencies. As an insurer committed to the preservation of this heritage, we wanted to draw up an inventory of this specific dynamic market – very little affected by the health crisis – of nearly one million vintage and collectible cars. Collectors are responsible for preserving this exceptional heritage and transmitting it in a state that is as close as possible to its original state, to generations of future enthusiasts who will take care of it in turn,” explains Julie Hugues, Market Manager. Art and Private Clientele of Hiscox France.

98% of this million classic or collectible cars are owned by individuals. This represents 5% of the French car fleet. The average age of classic cars in France is 51 years old and more than 28,670 classic cars were sold in France in 2021.


French classic cars are mainly… French

But what are these collectible cars? According to the Hiscox study, the majority of these vehicles come from the 1980s, followed by the 1970s, then 1960s. These three decades alone make up 72% of the collection park in France. As for models before 1950, they are a very small minority, 6% of collector cars. Finally, the “collectible” models mostly date from the 1990s.

Another notable element: in France, classic cars are mostly French brands. For collector cars:

  • Citroen represents 1.5% of the fleet (42,270 vehicles);
  • Renault 0.4% (27,842 vehicles);
  • Peugeot 0.4% (16,438 vehicles);
  • volkswagen (14,973 vehicles);
  • Ford (12,248 vehicles).

“Although it was not their primary destination, the models most present in collector’s vehicles today reflect the important productions of the time, and particularly with regard to the 1970s. Plus un vehicle was produced, the more likely it is that copies have been preserved and are now part of a collection”, analyzes Stéphane Bonoron, legal expert in collector cars.

Thus, the most common collector’s car is the famous Citroën 2CV, with 23,136 copies in circulation. Which puts it far ahead of the Volkswagen Beetle (8,309 cars) and the Renault R4 (the famous “4L”, 7,403 copies).

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