Home Camera Captures The Wonderful Moment A Puppy Is Left Alone With His Sibling For The First Time

A couple decided to leave, for the first time, their puppy and dog alone at home to see the behavior of each vis-à-vis the other. A camera installed in their living room allowed the owners of the canines to understand that they had absolutely no worries about their agreement.

The Australian Shepherd is known for its energetic, happy and sociable temperament. As a rule, dogs of this breed get along quite well with their peers and are not particularly quarrelsome. alexander and his wife, owners of 2 Aussies, however, did not know if the latter would appreciate each other, reported Dog Heirs.

One is a year and a half old and answers to the name of Smokey Boo Boo. The other is much younger; Bill Bobaggins at 4 months.

Usually, the couple leaves the dogs on the ground floor, Bill kept in a cage, while he works upstairs. But alexander and his wife thought it was time to test the understanding of the 2 quadrupeds.

So they left Smokey Boo Boo and Bill Bobaggins alone, but while monitoring them live thanks to a camera placed in the living room.

Article illustration: Home camera captures the wonderful moment a puppy is left alone with his sibling for the first time
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When they saw the images, all their fears immediately disappeared. They realized that the 2 Australian Shepherds, despite their age difference, were very complicit and had fun like crazy.

“Happy to see them playing with each other and working out”

The video showing them playing, posted on Youtube, has touched many Internet users. There she is :

We were happy that they entertained each other, and without causing destruction. We are always happy to see them playing with each other and getting active. says Alexander.

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