Home help: health insurance measures aimed at preventing occupational risks

Accidents and pathologies related to handling, falls, road risks related to frequent business trips from one home to another, risk of infection, by contact with sick people, soiled linen or objects, and chemical risks related to maintenance, etc. Employees working in the sectoraid home are exposed, in the course of their activity, to numerous occupational hazardsthis is what a press release from Health Insurance published on February 15 indicates.

The consequences on the health of the employees and on the activity are significant; in fact, there are more than 2.25 million working days lost per year, which generates a disorganization of the activity but also recruitment difficulties.

In order to support companies in the home help sector in risk prevention, the “Occupational Risks” branch of the Health Insurance and the National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS), in collaboration with the Federation of Associations de l’Aide Familiale Populaire (FNAAFP/CSF), have built the following solutions:

  • to help employers achieve their Single Risk Assessment Document” (DUER), an interactive online tool with free access is made available to them. It allows employers to comply with their legal obligation by designing their DUER and uploading an action plan accordingly;
  • prevention actions often implying a financial investment, the Health Insurance – Occupational risks offers a new subsidy dedicated to the sector: Help and care for the person at home. This financial assistance makes it possible to reduce the risks associated with falls and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) through the purchase of suitable equipment, and to implement a prevention approach with training and support services.

Finally, faced with the health situation, a specific tool is proposed: “Covid-19 Action Plan”, which makes it possible to identify risk situations linked to the pandemic and proposes operational measures to protect the health of employees.

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