Hostage-taking in Paris: “He was begging me, he was crying”, the lawyer in contact with the madman testifies

Maître Sylvie Noachovitch, the lawyer who had the hostage taker on the phone, delivers her story a few hours after the end of the kidnapping of the two victims.

Monday, December 21, in the middle of the afternoon, a madman took two people hostage in a shop in the 12th arrondissement in Paris. During negotiations with the BRI (research and intervention brigade), the man wished to speak with Maître Sylvie Noachovitch. She returned this Tuesday to her conversation with the hostage taker on France Info.

The madman said he was “victim of a medical error”

Master Noachovitch remembers that she had “the conviction that he would not take action”. “I was in a meeting when I was called by my office urgently telling me that there was a madman who was taking hostages who absolutely wanted to talk to me”, she recalls, quoted by our colleagues.

According to the lawyer, the man who suffers from psychiatric disorders would have contacted him because he said he was “victim of a medical error”. He then wished to benefit from the latter’s services, but could not pay the fees.

“He was begging me, he was crying”

“He was begging me, he was crying at the same time as he was talking to me, I really felt him not well at all […] It is obvious that this man was in great pain […] I discussed a certain number of times because I really wanted to calm him down”, explains Sylvie Noachovitch to France Info. The legal professional also recalls an “extremely stressed, nervous” man on the phone.

According to his words, the madman threatened to “take action” if the lawyer did not save him. In his speech the man would have held delirious words. “I told him that there were legal steps but certainly not to threaten to kill hostages, that has nothing to do”, testifies the one who defended Omar Raddad. However, she specifies that contrary to what several media have announced, the hostage-taking had nothing to do with the Raddad affair.

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