Housing: Jadot wants to set up universal insurance on rents


“We will set up universal insurance on rents”, writes Yannick Jadot in this text, also signed by Fatima El Khili, deputy mayor for urban planning in Rouen, and Aurélien Taché, deputy of Val-d’Oise and co -president of the New Democrats. The latter has just tabled a bill to this effect in the Assembly. “Each owner must, as is the case with an automobile, insure against the risk of non-payment and the obligations of deposit and guarantee imposed on tenants will be abolished”, specifies the tribune. “This system will make it possible to secure landlords while avoiding that the risk of non-payment rests on the sole tenant” and “will put an end to the fierce competition between tenants in city centers”, add the signatories.

Among the other housing measures, Yannick Jadot wants to build “700,000 social housing units over the five-year term” and renovate “the 800,000 poorly insulated social housing units, provided that they remain in the social housing stock for 20 years”. The environmentalist candidate also intends to “harshly punish the municipalities which persist in refusing their obligations” in terms of social housing. “Beyond the fines imposed, the competence to issue town planning permits will, in their case, be transferred to the State for the time necessary to reach the quotas of the SRU law”.

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Faced with rising energy prices, he wants “in the short term” to expand the energy check “to 16 million French people” and “to increase it to 400 euros for the most modest among them”. “In the medium and long term”, he will put in place “a housing renovation policy accessible to low-income households, for example by a full advance of the cost of the work by the energy specialists”. Considering that “the repair of old heritage or the transformation of office real estate into housing can make it possible to considerably increase the supply of affordable housing”, he wants to include in the law “renovation objectives”.

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Finally, “the objective of zero net artificialisation by 2050 must be met”, he says. “Agricultural land will have to be sanctuarized and communities given the means to deal with urban wastelands”. “Never again will we let concreting win over living things and bioclimatic PLUs will be generalized”, promises the ecologist, who adds that “each new program” will be “subject to a zero-carbon objective” and must “include spaces exteriors”.

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