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Skiing: why take out insurance?

Even if you are a king of sliding, an accident can always happen. Every year Santé Publique France recency approx. 143,000 accidents and 47 fatalities !

His financial consequences can then prove to be very heavy : hospitalization of course, but also search and rescue costs, unused lessons or packages, broken equipment, possible compensation from a third party… The bill can reach sky high levels! Indeed, the mountain rescue are chargeable. The costs are set by the municipality and the bill climbs very quickly.

For example, here are the rates charged by the resorts of Savoie (source: Carré Neige 2020):

  • Rescue costs on the slopes: 367 euros;
  • Evacuation by helicopter: 1776 euros;
  • Ambulance transfer (track – hospital): 184 euros.

Before putting on your skis and hurtling down the slopes, make sure you are well covered in the event of an accident. If the Social Security and your complementary mutual cover health costs, do not cover other specific expenses to a skiing accident, such as rescue and search costs.

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