How do I secure the balcony for my cat?

Curious and wandering, cats can tend to put themselves in delicate, even dangerous situations. So, if you have an outside corner, it is always advisable to to secureas a precaution.

Securing a balcony for my cat: how to proceed?

Cats that don’t usually enjoy the outdoors can find a compromise by spending time on your balcony. This is still a very good idea, provided your four-legged animal is protected. Then, you can set up several methods in order to guarantee the safety of your cat on the balcony. Your cat will then be happy to enjoy your outdoor corner, while remaining safe.

Why do I have to secure my balcony if I have a cat?

First, for his safety. Indeed, a fall could be fatal for your cat. Although it all depends on the floor you live in, it is better to avoid any risk. Next, secure your balcony for your cat allows you to prevent it from running away. Also, it prevents your companion from walking on your neighbour’s balcony: this allows you to create a real delimitation.

Cat on the balcony: safety measures

Among the most common solutions for secure the balcony for your catwe find the net for cat. This mesh system closes the balcony and prevents your cat from falling or running away spontaneously. Then you can buy or build a mat of bamboo, or plant fibers, to attach to the trellis to fill the gap. To help your cat to live independently and thus avoid locking him up on the balcony, you can install a cat flap in the glass door of your balcony. This technique may require the use of a glazier.


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