How does your cat communicate with you? 3 meows you probably didn’t know how to interpret until now

When your cat meows, do you know exactly what he is trying to tell you? These animals make different sounds when communicating with humans, with other cats and depending on the circumstances. One thing is certain: you will understand them better and will be able to act accordingly!

Cats may meow as a greeting, when asking for something, during breeding, courtship, or to express hostility. Thanks to this sound, these animals can transmit several messages.

What sounds do cats make?

Interestingly, not all cats meow the same way. They have a shorter, higher-pitched meow than wildcats. This one, according to its volume or its sound, can indicate a will or a problem to its master.

  1. He meows with his mouth closed

cat meows closed mouth

A cat meowing with its mouth closed – Source: spm

It is one of the most characteristic cat sounds and the one with the lowest frequency. It occurs when the muscles of the larynx contract during breathing and the mouth is closed.

Cats can make sounds when they are in pain or when they are very sick. Thus, it is important to emphasize that if yours meows with its mouth closed, it does not only indicate that it wants to play or that it is happy. This very characteristic sound can mean that cats are interacting or greeting each other.

  1. The sounds made when the cat opens and closes its mouth

cat open its mouth

A cat opens its mouth – Source: spm

When we live with cats, we learn to identify the reason for what our cat means by meowing and why it does it. We can thus understand the mewing which invites us to play but also the one which means that he is hungry.

A female in heat utters high-pitched, long sounds to attract males in heat.

Usually the sound is louder and is directed at another cat.

Some noises are specific to cats but there are several hypotheses that can be taken into account:

  • The frustration of not being able to reach the prey
  • The anticipation of the hunt.
  • Limiting the sound of prey to attract them
  1. Sounds produced with the mouth open and typically used to communicate negative emotions, such as fear, frustration, and pain

cat meows

A meowing cat – Source: spm

Growls: These are usually emitted in times of anger although they can occur when the cat is eating.

You will also hear these sounds in times of fights between these felines.

A cat can also growl during stressful situations, whether it’s fear or pain.

Cat hiss: It can be more or less intense sounds. Some mean the cat doesn’t want to be disturbed while others can mean “Stay away!” »

A short sound: This noise usually accompanies purring. It can be directed at another cat, a person or against objects they fear.

As you can see, there are many sounds your cats can make with each other or with you.

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