How Google Plus will pull off the sad feat of dying a second time

After his death, the Google+ social network more or less continued to exist through Google Currents. But this service will also disappear from 2023.

How Google Plus will pull off the sad feat of dying a second time

It’s an accomplishment that Google would probably have done without, but its Google+ social network will somehow achieve the sad feat of dying a second time. Explanations.

Google+, the empty social network

Google+ occupies a rather special place among the projects that ended up being buried by the Mountain View giant. For a very long time, the social network claimed to be able to compete with Facebook and other similar platforms without ever really succeeding. Several efforts have been made to trick people into using this service, but to no avail. Google+ has gradually become a target of ridicule and a synonym for a deserted social network despite its very high ambitions.

The service was created in 2011, but it took until 2019 to see Google+ die after fighting to the end. Pass away ? No, not quite. In fact, the professional version of the social network continued to exist through another Google service called Currents.

2023, second death

Google Currents is a tool launched in 2019 that allows people from the same company to share posts and chat with each other. The platform thus took over functions from Google+.

Except that Google Currents will in turn disappear in 2023. This is what Google announced in a blog post.

With the arrival of Spaces, we plan to phase out Google Currents starting in 2023 and transition remaining content and communities to the new Spaces experience.

Spaces are indeed one of the novelties brought by the Google Workspace interface which replaced G Suite. Google explains that since this change, many users have indicated that they appreciate ” the tight integration with Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, and the seamless collaboration experience “.

In this context, Currents acts mainly as a duplicate and its discontinuation seems logical. Before the disappearance of this service, Google nevertheless promises to bring new options in the Spaces to strengthen the tools of communication and collaboration between colleagues.

Google Currents will therefore cease to exist, thus symbolically killing Google+ a second time. Finally, remember that another Google platform was also called Currents in 2011 and provided access to magazine content. Ironically, this service had also ended up being killed in 2013.

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