how it works, posting a free ad

Google for Jobs France: how it works, posting a free ad

Do you know Google for Jobs France, a platform that boosts your job searches in webmarketing and digital ? Today, we explain to you how to publish your ads for free via this medium.

Boost your job search with Google for Jobs France

Google for Jobs France is a job search tool in France launched by Google on June 7, 2019 and launched in June 2017 in the United States. Google is the world’s No. 1 search engine and has over 92% market share. With this new tool, candidates will no longer have to search on Google to access job offers on job boards such as Pôle Emploi, Indeed or Apec. Google for Jobs France has continued to develop and evolve and now allows job advertisements published on partner job boards to be integrated into its search results. Therefore, if a candidate is looking for a position as a lawyer in Bordeaux, for example, he can consult via Google all the job offers that match his search and his profile.

For companies, Google for Jobs France is a perfect tool to place ads and attract the best candidates. When the company places an advertisement on the platform, Google for Jobs France allows duplicate advertisements to be deleted by ensuring proper referencing of the offers. The Google for Jobs France platform thus allows candidates to filter offers by date of publication, by category, by type of offer and category, by location and even by name of employer. In addition, he will also be able to keep in mind the interesting offers but also calculate the travel time between the home and the place of the position to be filled.

How do I post a job ad on the Google for Jobs site?

Posting an ad on the Google For Jobs platform is free and easy to use. However, it should be noted that the ad does not automatically flow onto the platform. Indeed, Google will not directly dump the job advertisement, it must first be informed. In order to publish a job advertisement on Google for Jobs, the company has two options:

Candidate who publishes an ad on Google for jobs France

Option n°1 – Publish a job ad to be able to automatically from its website

To post advertisements for vacancies, the company that wishes to recruit must first create a dedicated page with a different URL address for each job advertisement published on its site dedicated specifically to careers. Then, the company must give permission to Google so that the crawler can regularly pass over the URL addresses. It must also prioritize the semantic tags (




etc.) as well as the data displayed on the pages dedicated to job offers based on the recommendations of Finally, the company must update the listing of job vacancies on the “career” site. Attention, it is important that the job offers provided are imperatively deleted from the site. It should also be noted that updating the vacancies must be sent to Google, making sure to use Google’s indexing API. This option is quite long to set up and expensive. Moreover, it requires the intervention of a developer.

Option #2 – Publish a job profile on Google for Jobs via an ATS

Option #2 is to post a job opening through a job board or multicast software. To do this, you must place the job ad directly on the software, it will then be automatically published on the Google for Jobs platform, which will save you a lot of time. Additionally, this option allows you to broadcast ads on other job board such as Apec, Pôle emploi or Indeed. This option is therefore more advantageous and faster because a large number of recruitment software programs are programmed to deal with the technical constraints that they may encounter in posting job offers on Google for Jobs.

Thanks to Google for Jobs, the company will benefit from more visibility on job advertisements. In addition, by launching this device, Google will improve the job search experience and make it more relevant with recruiters. In addition, the tool allows you to display the job offer with the company logo as well as access to reviews, ratings and job descriptions. Google for Jobs promises to give companies 5 times more chances of finding their rare pearl.

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