How much does your motorcycle insurance cost on average, by engine size?

Insuring your two-wheeler costs a little less this year. This is the conclusion that can be drawn from a study published by the online insurance comparator Assurland, this Thursday, November 18. By analyzing 83,000 quotes made on its website between January and October last, the comparator arrived at an average annual cost of 583 euros in 2021, against 602 euros in 2020 and 597 euros in 2019. A drop to which the health crisis does not is no stranger. “With travel restrictions, road accident figures were historically low in 2020. This is one of the explanations for the drop in the average motorcycle insurance premium between 2020 and 2021”, analyzes Assurland.

If the average price of insurance drops, there are still very marked differences depending on the engine capacity. And contrary to what one might think, 50ccs are not the cheapest to insure. According to figures from Assurland, the average cost to insure a 50cc is 472 euros per year, compared to 375 euros for a 125cc, which is more powerful and therefore faster. “The 50cc are mainly driven by young people (from the age of 14, editor’s note), insurers consider these drivers to be more at risk because they are less experienced. In addition, these are extremely stolen vehicles”, explains the comparator.

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The insurance premium then rises to 713 euros on average per year for motorcycles from 600 to 700cc, and reaches 765 euros up to 1,000cc, which are generally sports models. “Beyond 1,000cc, there are road-type motorcycles and experienced riders (55 years and over on average, editor’s note). The insurance premium will therefore be lower,” says Assurland. Count on an annual premium of 603 euros on average for more than 1,000cc, knowing that this price generally includes a higher level of protection. “61% of owners of 1,000cc or more take out all-risk insurance against only 19% for those who own a 50cc,” the study states.

Price differences between models

The insurance premium depends on the cubic capacity but also on the type of motorcycles. And it is clear that there can be large price differences between models of the same displacement. For example, the insurance (all risks) of a Honda Monkey 125 (type leisure) will cost 270 euros per year for a 30-year-old man, residing in Paris and having a CRM (bonus-malus) of 0, 64. This same driver will pay 372 euros for a KTM RC 125, a sports motorcycle.

And the price differences can quickly climb: 635 euros for a Suzuki V-Strom, against 1,847 euros for a Suzuki GSX-R, both from the family of 1,000cc motorcycles.

And the electric?

If riding an electric two-wheeler is less expensive to use, insurance does not necessarily cost less, on the contrary. To take the example of equivalent 50cc models, which are the majority on the market, our 30-year-old driver mentioned above will pay an annual premium of 550 euros for a Govecs GO! S1.5 or Brumaire. That is much more than the average 50cc premium (472 euros). Prices remain high in 125cc, with a premium of 417 euros for a BMW C Evolution. That’s more than for a KTM RC 125.

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